Income tax (Inkomstenbelasting)

The operation basics of an income tax return is through an annual statement (or the last payslip), that the employer(s) hand out. If you do not possess the required documents, you must ask your employer(s) about granting you these documents.

Summary of a tax return (annual statement, salary)

If you submit a tax return to us, you need to fill in a form. The submitting of an electronic signature needs to be done personally at our office, the required documents are:
Annual statement, your drivers license or your passport/identity card. It is also possible that we send you the forms per e-mail, when you do not have the opportunity to come to our office.

Personal information that is filled in on the form, will be sent to the tax authorities.

With the help of your providence of service, you will get a piece of evidence. This piece of evidence can act as a guarantee certificate for you too.

The duration of a refund of tax is normally between the 3-6 months, on condition that the tax return must be done over the previous year and is made before the end of March of the current year.

Fiscal tax returns can be submitted to the tax authorities over the last five years, but the waiting time of a tax return can be prolonged to a maximum of three years, since the date of submitting.

When you submit a tax return with a Dutch bank account number, or alter the bank account number where the money of the tax return needs to be deposited, you will receive an official letter of the tax authorities. This is just an informational letter. If the account number does not correspond with the number you want the tax return to be deposited on, get in contact with us and let us know as soon as possible.

For all foreign bank account numbers, no confirmation letter confirming your bank account number is sent to you by tax authorities.