Mojka NL & PL Administration and Consultancy-office deals with the following services on bookkeeping and fiscal benefit area:


Income tax - IB - per person a year€ 40
Allowance for health insurance - zorgtoeslag€ 30
Allowance for renting (house) - huurtoeslag€ 30
Child benefit - SVB€ 25
Parent's budget - kindgebonden budget € 30
Obtain the SSN - SoFi-/BSN-number€ 50
Obtain the DigiD€ 10
Assistance with opening a Dutch bank account€ 50
Health insurance and others€ 50
Bookkeeping - one quarter of a year excl. VAT€ 200
Support with setting up a new business€ 50
Financing transaction support for loans or mortgages € 25 / € 50
Filling in and completing application forms like CWI/UWV (unemployment)€ 35

To meet the requirements- and satisfaction of the customer, we can also be from assistance in other official service related questions. Any other information can be obtained by coming to our office in Rotterdam, as well as contacting us by phone or sending us an e-mail with the regarding question.